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SCARA robot: developed for industrial applications that require High Speed and High Precision

The manufacturing processes in the electronics industry, for example, have to be carried out quickly and need to guarantee productivity and quality. Delta's SCARA robot (“Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm”, or “Robotic Arm for Selective Compliance Assembly”) is the best option to reduce labor cost and enable manufacturing flexibility.

The SCARA Delta Robot has control functions that enable excellent speed, linearity and verticality and repeatability to quickly and accurately perform operation tasks, such as insertion, assembly, locking screw, loading and unloading, pick-and-place, stacking and packing. With the help of Delta Vision Systems, the SCARA Robot can perform intelligent identification, inspection and classification to effectively reduce defect rates, ensuring product quality consistently.

When combined with control units and other peripheral devices, such as servo systems, vision systems and linear modules, the SCARA Delta Robot becomes a highly integrated robotic workstation for a wide range of industries, including electronics, rubber and plastic, manufacturing metal and for processes such as screw driving, distribution, assembly, loading and unloading, welding, transportation and packaging.

Designed to operate in hazardous environments, they can help achieve flexible manufacturing goals, reduce labor and save development time.

Controller Module

The SCARA Delta Robot Controller Module, known as the DCS Series, provides extension axes for motion control through servo drives, DI / O modules and connection of peripheral devices via DMCNET, Delta's high-speed network for real-time communication, to meet all types of industrial applications. In addition, DCS also supports the MODBUS / TCP interface to connect peripheral devices, including machine vision systems, sensors, host controllers and computers for a complete robotic automation system.

DCS Series - Delta SCARA Robot Controller


Typical architecture of the SCARA Delta Robot with connection of the Controller with peripheral devices

SCARA Robot Programming: Multiple Methods

The programming of the SCARA Robot can be done through different methods: Notebook, “Teach Pendant” or a PAD.


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