ASDA-A2 Servo drive for general use

ASDA-A2 Servo drive for general use

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Advanced high precision positioning control with powers from 0.1KW to 15KW (0.32NM to 96.4NM)

To meet the demanding requirements of autonomous or distributed motion control applications in industrial automation and meet the high-precision positioning control needs demanded by machine designers and system integrators, Delta has launched motion control servo motors and servo drives from ASDA-A2 series of high performance in 2009.

With a wide range from 100W to 15kW, the A2 series is considered the smart grid servo model capable of solving common indexing, CAM and driveshaft applications. Powerful and unique built-in motion macros can be activated and sequenced with wizard-based setup software. The accessible network enables distributed motion functions via RS-485 modbus, CANopen and EtherCAT. Ethernet/IP gateway options are available, enabling you to communicate with popular PLCs and enable servo, jog and motion macros from the familiar PLC encoding environment.

Meets general application high-precision positioning control requirements

  • High resolution (20bit) encoder
  • Full control in closed loop
  • High speed control networks (Canopen, Ethercat and DMCNET)
  • Pulse input (up to 4 Mpps) and analog voltage
  • Notch filter optimizes mechanical system operation automatically
  • Motor protection and friction compensation functions are available to reinforce the system.
  • Separate power supply for main circuit and control circuit
  • Built-in regenerative resistor as standard (400 W models and above), saving wiring and costs
  • Collision Protection Compensation Functions
  • Easy maintenance and security
  • Built-in regenerative resistor
Control modes:
  • Position (Pulse and Direction)
  • Speed (Analog Signal or Parameter)
  • Torque (Analog Signal or Parameter)
  • Internal position without the need for PLC (PR mode)
  • Motion function with electronic Cam and sync control
  • Motion Control by Communication
Standard hardware:
  • 8 digital inputs expandable to 15
  • 5 digital outputs
  • 2 analog inputs
  • 2 analog outputs

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