Create Macro on HIM DOP-100 for writing time and date to PLC?
Create Macro on HIM DOP-100 for writing time and date to PLC?
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In this FAQ we will show how the HMI changes the PLC system time (RTC - Real Time Clock)

  1. open one clock Macro:
  2. use the Wizard:
  3. Select "GETSYSTEMTIME" to write the HMI time and date for an internal memory:

  4. Select internal memory:

  5. Macro created will be sent the data of (Year, Month, Day, Day of the Week, Hour, Minute and second) for the variables (D100, D101, D102, D103, D104, D105 and D106)

  6. Create another macro to move D100~106 values to a PLC variable, you can use the BMOV block to send sequentially or create the MOV block to move each information individually:

  7. With the created macros just click on the "Upload" button after 

  8. Viewing the time and date online with the HMI and with the PLC:

ISPSoft online with the CLP: 

for more details download the example:

How to use RTC download the example here


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